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What is the "Cloud SIM Wifi Device?

The Latest Trend of Travel – “Cloud Sim Pocket Wi-Fi”

Still using the traditional SIM-card-pocket-WiFi when having trips? Pocketwifi introduces you the latest WiFi technology – Cloud Sim Pocket Wi-Fi – featuring SIM-free, Cloud SIM technology requires no local SIM card around the world!

What is “Cloud Sim Pocket Wi-Fi”?

Powered by Cloud Sim technology, it is the world’s first pocket WiFi with no local SIM cards needed around the world, allowing travelers to access the Internet without local SIM cards and roaming charges.

How it works?

Its Cloud SIM technology helps the device to upload a SIM card from the existing database automatically, and this becomes the cloud for communication via data traffic. When user’s location is detected, the cloud will deliver the signals provided by the specific ISP in the area. Hence, users can enjoy the best-ever internet surfing experience.


1. Provide the best network of the destination

For example, the cloud will select “Softbank” as the ISP since the signal is good in the centre district. However, when users locate to Fuji, the ISP will be changed to “Docomo” accordingly for its stable signal.

2. Best choice for multi-national travel

Traditionally, users are required to change SIM card for each destination when having a multi-national trip. However, Cloud Sim Pocket Wi-Fi can detect user’s location and provide corresponding WiFi signal automatically. It helps to save cost on SIM card purchase.

3. Lower failure rate

There is no solution when the SIM card does not function and users are very likely to spend an extra cost on a new SIM card. With Cloud-Sim-Pocket-Wi-Fi, technical engineers at the cloud back-end will always be here to fix errors during your trip.

4. 4G Data with High Speed

Cloud Sim technology has partnered with the best ISP in the town to ensure a reliable internet network for users. Also, this cost-saving technology provides high-speed 4G data that you can have your Wi-Fi on wherever you are.

Be a smart traveler!
Let’s try our “Cloud Sim Pocket Wi-Fi” in your next trip!

WiFi Hotspot

Product Features and Specifications

- WCDMA Band 1/2/5/8 LTE-FDD Band 1/3/5/7/8/17/20
- LTE-TDD Band 39/40/41GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz

Download Speed
4G: 150 Mbps

Upload Speed
4G: 50 Mbps

Port / Jack
Standard USBMicro USB
Input DC 5V-1AOutput DC 5V-1A

Power Pack
6,000 mAh

117 x 63.8 x 20.9mm

224g(Net) – 353g (Total)

up to 5 devices simultaneously

over 100 different countries

Battery life
up to 15 hours

LAN compatible and can also be used as a backup battery supply for your other mobile devices.

What is PocketWifi.ca Service?

PocketWifi.ca is a service that is a hybrid of mobile communication networks and specialized equipment to provide our customers with Wifi service

How many countries does PocketWifi.ca service cover?

Covering more than 100 countries and regions now and we are still expanding the coverage.

How early in advance should I book?

To ensure unit availability, we recommend customer to complete your booking at least 7 days prior to the rental start date. The standard booking deadline is an order/booking must be made at least 3 days prior to the rental start date. If you choose courier service as your pick up method, an order/booking must be made at least 10 business days prior to the rental start date . For last-minute order request, please contact us ASAP so we can check the product availability, we will be contacting you via email.

Is PocketWifi.ca suitable for corporate clients and customers who travel frequently ?

Yes, it is. We provides a professtional platform for management. The monthly fee is charged according to the amount of data usage, which could be more economical and saving the data usage.

What is the rental rates for a PocketWifi.ca device?

Based on the 8 packages and the region. The details are shown on the home page.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes you will need to pay a deposit of CAD 150 when collecting the device.

What will happen if I return the device late?

If the device is returned a day after the scheduled return date, a daily fine of CAD$150 will be imposed. If the device is returned after 7 days of the scheduled returned date, the deposit of CAD150 will be forfeited as compensation. The cost of using mobile data during that period before the return will be payable by the customer.

How do I use the pocketwifi.ca service?

When you arrive at your destination, simply turn on the device switch. It will automatically search the local 4G network for the best suitable connection. It may take a few minutes to establish a connection the first time you turn on the device at your destination.

How many smart wifi devices can I share with?

Up to 5 smart devices can be connected to the internet simultaneously.

What other devices are supported?
Our Pocket Wifi Support most smart phones, iPad / Tablet or Laptops.

What is pocketwifi.ca’s Quality of Service?

The devices need to be able to connect and receive the 3G/4G network and provide the local service. The actual speed or performance of the service will vary and is affected by the local network coverage provided and other external operating environmental forces can affect the performance.

Data Calculator mb/unit
Check Email 0.02mb
Send / receive email containing 2500 wording content 0.07mb
Browse one time Facebook 0.45mb
Facebook/ Social media reply  0.69mb
FB / Social media Check in & upload photos 1mb
Wechat/Whatsapp/Line & others instant messaging app send 400 /receive 50 words message 0.25mb
Wechat/Whatsapp/Line others instant messaging app send / receive 7 pictures 0.52mb
Wechat/Whatsapp/Line &  others instant messaging app talk one minute 0.43mb
Browse ptt 5 minutes 0.46mb
Surf www 5 minutes 6.9mb
Watch youtube 3 Minutes 5.9mb
Navigation 30 minutes 0.4mb
Browse Google Map 4.8mb
In general, 70MB per day is more than enough for basic communications ( excluding watching movies & online music)
Please be reminded that it is best to use local hotspots and free WiFi whenever it is possible so that your WiFi box maintains maximum high speed when needed. Thanks for your understanding.
Please note that WiFi signal is usually weaker in the country side.  The signal may be also affected by the following conditions
1 - the distance between the user and the Wifi
2 - number of users(maxi 5)
3 - Areas covered by high-rise buildings
4 - on highways and bullet trains