Public Mobile – Canada SIM Card – Data + Talk + Text

Find the Talk, Text, or Data Plan That Fits Your Needs. Shop Now. Public Mobile Is the Wireless Company with You in Mind. No Sneaky Fees. No Worries. No Credit Checks. Switch Today. No Call Centres. No Hidden Fees. Largest Mobile Network.

Public Mobile is a SIM only prepaid cellular service that operates on the TELUS network. Public Mobile doesn’t offer any phones for purchase currently but does allow you to bring your own phone to their service.

Public Mobile has 30 and 90-day expiry prepaid plans that include various talk, text and data configurations. Unlimited Canada and province-wide talk plans are also available.

Public Mobile provides free SIM cards to users who are switching to Public Mobile. As long as your phone has a SIM card slot, it will work--regardless of whether it's CDMA or GSM. Make sure you order the right SIM card at time of purchase.

Creating a plan is easy--simply select an expiry term, then specify the amount of talk, text and data you want. Note that data only lasts 30 days and required refilling once it runs out. All data is at 4G LTE speed.

Public Mobile是一家全自助的手機運營商,所有的服務都是網上自助進行,沒有實體店,也沒有電話客服,有疑問可以後台發ticket,或者在其論壇求助。其推出的計劃價格便宜,沒有合約,可隨時終止,還可以可充值15元購買400分鍾國際長途(含中國),可按需額外購買data流量,購買的流量和國際長途永不過期。如果需要去美國,還可購買漫遊美國通話+上網服務。目前採用的是Telus公司4G LTE網絡,號稱加拿大覆蓋率最廣 。